The Weston A. Price Foundation Membership Drawing!


Radiant Life is pleased to help grow the membership of The Weston A. Price Foundation. We will be sponsoring the membership fees of 100 new members in 2015! Each month, for the next five months, 20 names will be chosen at random. The drawing is open to all who have never been members. Winners will be notified each month via email.

Benefits of Membership

You will receive:

  • Wise Traditions Journals 4 times per year - priceless nutrition information!
  • Discount tuition to the Wise Traditions International Conference… a life changing educational experience!
  • Annual Shopping Guide highlighting the best in food choices
  • Other Information Brochures covering compelling topics
  • Information about local chapter meetings
  • Access to valuable coupons from trusted companies
  • Timely receipt of email information and action alerts

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