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The Benefits of Dropi Cod Liver Oil

Posted by Andie Dill

You may have heard the slogan, “from farm to table,” but have you heard the words “from sea to bottle?” That is the saying for Dropi Cod Liver Oil. Fresh and pure from the cold and clean waters stretching between Greenland and Iceland, this brand of cod liver oil is newer to our store, but one of the most popular yet. This superfood is cold pressed and unrefined, meaning it has not gone through the heating or processing that would strip it of vital nutrients. There are a lot of cod liver oil brands out there today, so in this post, we are going to explore the benefits of the Dropi Cod Liver Oil brand and why it is superior to most.

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The 5 Supplements that Healed My Acne Naturally

Posted by Kayla Grossmann

Please welcome my sister Kelsey to the blog. She put together this guest post on how she healed her own acne using real foods!

I am one of those unlucky folks that dealt with lingering acne well into my twenties. Now I am not just talking about a small pimple here and there, I am talking about moderate acne that created multiple bumps underneath my skin that caused inflammation in my cheeks and forehead. I was embarrassed that I had to deal with such a thing when all my friends had clear skin. I tried so hard to hide the scars and bumps, but despite the layers of makeup that I applied I could never quite do it. Eventually I was unwilling to go out with friends. To some this may seem a little bit silly, but after five years and no luck of successful treatment I was self conscious and tired of it. Luckily, with the help of an integrative dermatologist and my sister, I was able to come up with a supplement regimen that changed my skin for the better. Here are the supplements that immensely helped my skin and overall health.

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Radiant Life Celebrates 20 Years!

Posted by Andie Dill

Last month, we at Radiant Life celebrated 20 years of serving the health and wellness community! We are very proud of this accomplishment but more importantly, we are honored to this day to have the opportunity to help you and many others in your quest toward optimal health through self empowerment. What started as a kernel of an idea has turned into a movement and a company with customers in over 70 countries. As an organization, we are thrilled to have sourced the “best of the best" with the diverse products that we offer you today. From superfood supplements, nutrient dense foods, non-toxic home products, clean water filtration systems to air purifiers, and more, Radiant Life offers a wide variety of inventory to suit your diverse needs. As we look back over the last two decades, this post will highlight some of our all time favorite and most popular products!

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Staying Safe in the Sun This Summer!

Posted by Andie Dill

Summer is here! For many of us that means more time in the sunshine. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or enjoying a simple stroll through the neighborhood, there’s a higher likelihood of getting sun exposure in this season than in others. Of course the big question is—-how do protect your skin from harmful UV rays? There is a lot of fear around increased skin cancer risk from overexposure to the sun, and yet conventional sunscreens contain a lot of chemicals that are also concerning. Could your efforts to protect yourself from the sun be doing more harm than good?

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Moms Are Radiant — Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Posted by Andie Dill

Mother’s Day is May 12th this year. For most of us, this is an opportunity to celebrate and love the women that mean the most to us. Whether it is a mother, grandmother, aunt, or friend, there is usually someone that has had a special impact on each of our lives. For some of us, Mother’s Day can also be really painful. This post is meant to give ideas for those looking to buy a gift for a woman that is important to you, as well as offer a few suggestions for caring for yourself, if Mother’s Day is a harder day of the year.

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Pamper Yourself with a Raw Honey Face Mask!

Posted by Andie Dill

When was the last time you slowed down and took a few minutes to just breathe? If you are like me, taking an hour to pause from life and pamper yourself does not happen all that frequently. Relax? Rest? Spa day? What is that?! The reality is that we need rest. We need relaxation. We were not made to always go, go, go. And when we try going without stopping we often end up in a full-blown immune system crash. So take a seat, grab a cup of tea and get ready to read about one way that you can relax and rest, while also nourishing and healing your face at the same time.

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Benefits and Tips for Trying Homeopathy!

Posted by Andie Dill

Back in the 1800s, homeopathy was the choice medicine in America and Europe. It was most often used and advocated for by European royalty, American entrepreneurs, literary giants, and religious leaders. By 1900, there were 22 homeopathic medical schools, over 100 homeopathic hospitals, and more than 1,000 homeopathic pharmacies. Imagine that! Popularity soared high amongst women, not only as users of homeopathy, but also as practitioners. The training of the 19th century homeopaths was above and beyond that of its orthodox physician colleges, and a higher percentage of graduates from homeopathic medical school passed their board examinations, then did the orthodox medical students.

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Staying Healthy During Cold and Flu Season

Posted by Andie Dill

Across America, we know the months from October to March as “cold and flu season.” Peak times vary from year to year, but most commonly February is recorded to be the month with the most cases of the flu. Over the last 35 years, February topped the charts fifteen times (yikes!). In addition to the flu, other respiratory viruses are also more prevalent during this time, particularly rhinovirus and the all-to-well-known, respiratory simplex virus (RSV).

Making matters worse, cold and flu season also lands right during the holiday season when traveling is at its highest. This only increases the chances for spreading these many bugs and diseases. So, what is one to do? Cold and flu season is inevitable, and going outside almost always is too, but that does not mean we have to be doomed to the fateful reality of this sickie time. Prevention is key, and there are many steps we can take to support our health and immune system, especially during these frigid months. 

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Smiling through Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted by Andie Dill

Last month we celebrated the Winter Solstice, which marked the shortest day of the year. December 21, 2018 brought not a single ray of sunlight to places like the North Pole, located at the very top of the Northern Hemisphere. Regardless of where you are living, the hours of sunshine are significantly shorter in the winter months than in the summer months. Compounding the issue further, winter tends to bring more gloomy and overcast days, snow, and harsh weather, all of which keep the sun from shining. It’s really no wonder that so many people experience seasonal affective disorder each year.

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Tonics for Total Health

Posted by Andie Dill

With the rise in preventative healthcare, focus is shifting from simply treating disease and illness, to optimizing overall quality of life. This is where herbal medicine can be extremely powerful. I love Urban Moonshine products. Founded in 2008 by Jovial King, Urban Moonshine is set on the goal of making herbal medicine more easily accessible. Their core value is to maintain quality and organic standards, while getting people excited about herbal medicine and the way we think about the healing power of plants. While there are many health-promoting herbals to consider, today we are going to focus on tonics that build immunity, energy and joy.

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