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Radiant Life Celebrates 20 Years!

Posted by Andie Dill

Last month, we at Radiant Life celebrated 20 years of serving the health and wellness community! We are very proud of this accomplishment but more importantly, we are honored to this day to have the opportunity to help you and many others in your quest toward optimal health through self empowerment. What started as a kernel of an idea has turned into a movement and a company with customers in over 70 countries. As an organization, we are thrilled to have sourced the “best of the best" with the diverse products that we offer you today. From superfood supplements, nutrient dense foods, non-toxic home products, clean water filtration systems to air purifiers, and more, Radiant Life offers a wide variety of inventory to suit your diverse needs. As we look back over the last two decades, this post will highlight some of our all time favorite and most popular products!

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Staying Safe in the Sun This Summer!

Posted by Andie Dill

Summer is here! For many of us that means more time in the sunshine. Whether you’re spending a day at the beach or enjoying a simple stroll through the neighborhood, there’s a higher likelihood of getting sun exposure in this season than in others. Of course the big question is—-how do protect your skin from harmful UV rays? There is a lot of fear around increased skin cancer risk from overexposure to the sun, and yet conventional sunscreens contain a lot of chemicals that are also concerning. Could your efforts to protect yourself from the sun be doing more harm than good?

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Smiling through Seasonal Affective Disorder

Posted by Andie Dill

Last month we celebrated the Winter Solstice, which marked the shortest day of the year. December 21, 2018 brought not a single ray of sunlight to places like the North Pole, located at the very top of the Northern Hemisphere. Regardless of where you are living, the hours of sunshine are significantly shorter in the winter months than in the summer months. Compounding the issue further, winter tends to bring more gloomy and overcast days, snow, and harsh weather, all of which keep the sun from shining. It’s really no wonder that so many people experience seasonal affective disorder each year.

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Journey to the Heart: 3 Ways to Practice Self-Compassion

Posted by Andie Dill

In this post, I want to look at three ways or suggestions to show yourself a little love through a practice called self-compassion. This can take as little as a few minutes a day to do. But before I dive into specific ways to practice self-compassion, I first want to define what it is and is not, and also the science behind why self-compassion is not just a nice idea, but truly beneficial to the overall health and well being.

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Tags: Heal Your Mind, Connect With Nature, Rest & Recover

Nourishing Treats...For Pets!

Posted by Andie Dill

Last week marked one year since I adopted my sweet, brown, curly-haired Chesapeake Bay Retriever into our home and family. We have always enjoyed the breed and their fun-loving demeanor, as well as their fervent passion for the water, even in the frigid cold! Our last Chessie, Rocky, just passed away, after living 13 wonderful years experiencing outdoor adventures such as hiking, camping, kayaking, and even surfing. Yes, we taught our dog to surf the waves to shore! This time around, with busy lives and hectic schedules, I decided to try something new – doggie adoption, in hopes of bypassing that time-consuming puppy stage. I looked into Chesapeake Bay Retriever rescues and breeders all around, when finally I found my Taylor! She came to me as a four-year-old mama of two litters, and I thought life would be smooth sailing from there. Boy, was I wrong! Due to the facts that Taylor was locked up in her crate (barely big enough to fit her body) for nearly all hours of the day and night, had to compete with nearly two dozen other dogs for attention, and never really got outdoors for anything other than to get a drink of water and to relieve herself, she was anything but the Chessie breed I had known with Rocky.

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The Benefits of Supplementing with Milk Thistle

Posted by Andie Dill

What do you first think of when you hear “Milk Thistle?” If you are like me when I first heard about milk thistle, I pictured a milky, thorny, plant. Little did I know! I laugh to this day because when I recommend milk thistle to others now, I often get that same perplexed look, and every once in a while somebody exclaims, “I am allergic to dairy!” Well, turns out milk thistle is actually a weed, a ragweed to be exact, and though it can grow in almost any warm climate around the world, milk thistle is found in abundance in my home state of California! 

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The Many Wonders of Grounding

Posted by Andie Dill

Fall is here! Maybe you live in a place where the weather has cooled, leaves are changing colors, scarves and boots are starting to appear, and a hot drink to end a cool, crisp evening sounds lovely! On the other hand, if you live in a place like southern California, like I do, it is still beach weather, and sandal time!

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Managing Stress: The Power of Nature

Posted by Kaitlin Moretti

A number of years ago, my husband and I spent a few days backpacking through the Green Mountains of Vermont. By the third day, with strained muscles, achy feet and sweat-drenched clothes, we were tired but having an amazing time. Disconnected from the interwoven fast-paced world at the base of the mountains and immersed in the melody of chirping birds, soft breezes, and the rhythmic plodding of our hiking boots, it was happiness at its very best. On that same day, we passed a number of hikers along the trail. Each time we passed another hiker or two, there was always an exchange: “Good morning....” “Great day for a hike!” “Hi - How are you?” Eventually, my husband remarked, “You know, you never see an angry hiker.” And it’s true...out in nature, there is a lot of happiness.

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Tips and Tricks for Healthy Computer Use

Posted by Andie Dill

Please welcome Andie to the blog! She is a city girl with a small town heart who is passionate for real food, and an advocate for total body wellness. As a freelance writer, she has a lot of experience with healthy computer use and is here to share the latest research on the topic with us!

Computers… millions of Americans own them. Toddlers, the elderly, and practically everyone in between can access them with ease. They have become one of the best inventions and innovations, revolutionizing the world we live in today. But all of this technology comes with a price. And no, I am not just talking about the cost to purchase a computer. I am talking about the toll it can take on one’s health, when certain precautions aren’t used. The average American spends anywhere from eight to eleven hours each day staring at a screen, whether it be a computer, a tablet, a television, or a phone. 1.

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50 Years of Fitness...Thanks Dad!

Posted by Norm LeMoine

Okay, it’s time to talk about strength and fitness. I don’t mean simply looking in the mirror and being impressed (or depressed) by the specimen staring back at you, but actually feeling great and performing at one’s peak.
Here’s what I have found after working out for the past fifty years. Yes, that’s 5-0! I actually began my journey when my Dad bought me a workout bench and a 110 lb weight set at Sears & Roebuck on my fourteenth birthday. I was preparing for the high school football season and wanted to excel. To this day, I am convinced weight training helped me become a better, stronger, more confident and more effective player and person than I would have been otherwise. I still have the original equipment in my basement. In fact, I just used it yesterday! It’s a bit worn and showing its age… some would say like its owner! Over the years, I have collected an assortment of other equipment. No matter what you have for equipment, here’s what I recommend to maintain (or to rediscover!) your youth at any age.

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