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Hello There! Welcome to the Radiant Life Blog.

I am so glad that you are here!

My name is Kayla, and I do a lot of the blog writing and picture snapping around here. When not busy highlighting the latest health research articles or testing out traditional/primal recipes in my kitchen, you will find me on the yoga mat, outside hiking barefoot in the sunshine or packing up my tiny car to zoom into the mountains for some quality time on the slopes.

Also important to this blog operation is my dog Darci, raw-food pup and co-writer extraordinaire. Although she usually just hangs out at my feet and snoozes when I write, she also thoroughly enjoys when I drop tasty organic morsels on the floor or mess up a recipe. As you can see, things get pretty exciting around this real-food office!

About the Radiant Life Blog

With a professional background as a nurse, I have always been fascinated by the complex workings of medicine. I entered the field of nursing with the wholesome desire to help and nurture people. Yet early on in my practice, I found something to be sorely missing with the conventional idea of "health." Buried in endless medication orders and feeling constantly pressured to spend less and less time at the bedside with my patients, I began to search for the answers to healing outside of the traditional hospital setting where I worked. 

These explorations have led me in many directions- from books to classes, seminars, workshops, jobs, certifications and more. Yet it wasn't until my personal reconnection with a whole foods lifestyle that I truly began to understand the profound role of nutrition in health. I have dedicated this blog as a space to continue investigating the dynamic interplay between food, movement, and mindfulness in healing, and to share these incredible findings with others. Together, we will learn to use simple ingredients, to make some awesomely tasty foods.

About the Radiant Life Blog

It is my goal to blend the latest advances in modern medicine with beautiful, time-tested traditional practices to build comprehensive strategies for healthy living. As a hopeless romantic and dreamer, it is also my belief that by creating this kind of empowering framework, we can inspire one another to live passionately and genuinely. In each recipe or article on the blog, I hope you find a little something- a tasty bite to eat, a pretty photo, an interesting thought or new piece of knowledge, however small- that offers a glimmer of innovation on your own unique journey.

My Philosophy

Never before have there been more dietary philosophies and divergent health perspectives clamoring for our attention.

If you flick on the television, stroll through the aisles of the grocery store, scan the glossy photos of a magazine or chat with a good friend- everyone seems to have found “the truth” about nutrition. But those who try fitting themselves into one mold after another, time after time, often find that such “health dogma” is exhausting them, leaving them confused and overwhelmed.

It is not always easy in today’s day and age, but that’s what this blog is about: rediscovering what it means to nourish the body simply and fully. An abundance of archaeological and multidisciplinary research demonstrates that it is possible to enjoy very high levels of strength, vitality, longevity and vibrant health when our bodies are fueled with synergistic whole foods and our environments are clean. I have been personally inspired by these approaches to wellness and healing, and want to share that with you. 

It's difficult to sum up in just a few words, but my renewed approach to "healthy" goes a little something like this:


 About Radiant Life

This blog goes along with our small family company, which was founded in 1996 as a means of sharing a passion for ancestral approaches to health with others. By combining the best traditions and insights from our human past with the latest findings of independent scientific research, it is our family mission to offer transformative information and resources that promote optimal health and sustainable living. 

It is our hope that together, we can all lead a more radiant life!

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To learn more about Radiant Life and what we do as a company, read our full story here.

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