Exploring Traditional Wisdom

Generations of healthy indigenous peoples, living in accordance with natural laws, have proven that humans have an exquisite genetic potential for vibrant, disease-free health and longevity. Sadly, this incredible history is virtually unknown in the Western world — forgotten, lost, or ignored. After a century of unprecedented decline in health, we in the West now accept degenerative disease, digestive disorders, anti-depressants and crooked, decaying teeth as normal. It is time to reclaim the freedom from disease and radiant health that is our birthright.

Native Nutrition & The Modern Day

The Pioneering Research of Dr. Weston A. Price

Summarizing Dr. Price's Findings

What is our full genetic potential? How do we reach it?


7 Keys to Radiant Wellness

Our purpose and passion is exploring the many foundations of wellness, and sharing the best insights with others. The journey to wellness is truly multi-dimensional and Radiant Life counts itself as part of an emerging movement dedicated to not just surviving, but thriving in our modern world.

Traditional Food

Coming Clean: Navigating our toxic world

Cellular Fitness

Mind-Body Wellness

Radiant Children

Sustainability and Community

Connecting with Earth


Secrets of Radiant Living

By Joseph Marcello

Be the first to read the initial chapters of the Secrets of Radiant Living. Developed over a lifetime of study and experience, eloquent writer and researcher, Joseph Marcello conveys his thoughts providing us a sneak preview into a future book in the form of the first six chapters of the Secrets of Radiant Living.

Chapter 1 - Earthing

Chapter 2 - Radiant Yes- but Inflammed - Never!

Chapter 3 - Breathing

Chapter 4 - Cellular Fitness

Chapter 5 - Deep Tissue Cleansing

Chapter 6 - Rejuvenation

Chapter 7- Raw Juice Radiance


What's Wrong with Asorbic Acid?

By Michael and Nora Wohlfeld

There’s no denying that vitamin C is a powerful nutrient. Because the body is not able to make vitamin C on its own, it is important to incorporate a rich and viable source into the diet. Yet, not all vitamin C is created equal. Learn why in this rivetting article.

Vitamin C "vs" Asorbic Acid 


Bare Bones: Behind the Calcium Craze

By Kayla Grossmann

When it comes to calcium more does not mean better. This may come as a shock to the millions of Americans who dubiously gobble down calcium supplements and tactfully wipe off multiple milk-mustaches daily. In fact, recent research released in a number of prestigious medical journals is revealing that improper supplementation with calcium is actually correlated with an increased risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease.

Whole Food Calcium and Natural Sources of Vitamins A, D & K2 


All About Pure Water 

Most of us assume that the quality of the drinking water coming out of our taps must be fine. It's always available and seemingly protected, looks clean and smells normal. In reality however, the state of our drinking water is overall quite poor and steadily on the decline. Thousands of accumulated chemicals lurk in well and city waters alike. Learn what's in your water and what you can do about it.

Pure Water: What You Need to Know

Pure Water: Top 25 FAQ

Considering a Water Ionizer? 


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