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Video: Spiced Organic Coconut Chips

Posted by Kayla Grossmann

There's this big idea out there that "eating healthy" means the same thing as "hours sweating in the kitchen" or "spending oodles of money." Yet, while consuming a clean, real food diet certainly takes some creativity and conviction, it doesn't have to be exceedingly complex or tortuous. So, I've put together this video showing you one of my favorite on-the-go recipes, aka The Easiest Snack Food Ever: Spiced Organic Coconut Chips. You can check out the full recipe here, but I wanted to share this clip with you, to demonstrate that this delicious treat truly does only take 3 ingredients and about 3 minutes to make- even though with all my excited chatter, the video ended up being a bit longer than that. Sometimes I just can't help but share my glowing enthusiasm when it comes to these things... 

organic coconut chips

Tags: Recipes, Fuel Your Body

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