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Real Food Round-Up: Radiant Life in the News

Posted by Kayla Grossmann

I do a lot of writing about the things that go on here at Radiant Life, a whole bunch of writing. I know, I know...sometimes I get carried away with the adjectives, gushing for far too long about the pleasant sizzle of a coconut oil sauté or the synergistic healing qualities of trusted Fermented Cod Liver Oil and beautiful, golden Butter Oil. Oh, I just can't help myself! Like many of you, I am simply captivated by the grace of traditional wisdom and natural medicine. Yet, one of the most incredible things I get to do is work within an inspiring community of empowered individuals who are dedicated to spreading a message of health and happiness that goes beyond conventional approaches. So today I want to show you some ideas of how other people are using the products and resources we share at Radiant Life. For some more inspiration, visit the Ideas We Love board on pinterest!

What's Lurking in Your Water?

drinking water purification systems

Visionary blogger and traditional food expert Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist put together this innovative video on the importance of pure water. In the real food community, we tend to talk a lot about finding rich whole foods, but often leave one of the most essential nutrients out of the discussion: water. Discover what kinds of contaminants have leached into our water supplies, and learn what you and your family can do about it. If you are curious to know more, visit our new Water Resource Center to find an affordable and effective water purification solution that is right for you. Your body and mind will thank you for it!

The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care

nourishing traditions book of baby and child care

Every once in awhile a book comes along that is so prolific, it is sure to become a treasured classic. This new compilation by Sally Fallon Morell and Thomas S. Cowan, MD is one such work. Released in March and brimming with enlightening yet pragmatic information, this guide seamlessly weaves traditional wisdom and modern knowledge to provide reliable guidance on child care starting from preconception, and continuing onto pregnancy and the period of growth beyond. We are honored to be included in the book as a resource for parents to find the finest pure nutrient dense foods, superfood supplements and ingredients for the Nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby Formula.

Why I Started Taking Krill Oil with Astaxanthin

pure krill oil

"Put simply, krill oil with astaxanthin is a superfood." So starts this information-packed article by Kristen of Food Renegade. If you have questions about Krill Oil- the benefits, omega-3 content, sustainability, personal experiences with it- this article cover it all. Learn more about this little talked about fish oil and the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin that is also found with it.

Dessicated Liver 

desiccated liver

What precious food contains high quality protein, fat-soluble vitamins, the full B-complex, natural folate, choline and a usable form of iron? You guessed it: liver. This sacred food has been revered for generations for its incredible nutrient-density. Join Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist as she discusses ways to incorporate this food into a modern diet. If the thought of eating liver makes you a bit squeamish and skeptical, never fear! Desiccated liver might be just the solution you've been waiting for.

Beautiful Babies

nourishing traditions

Honest and intriguing, this new book by real food blogger and activist Kristen Michaelis emboldens parents to return to the delicious whole foods that truly nourish their growing families. Learn how the foods you eat influence every facet of your birth experience. If you are a parent or grandparent, or ever will be in the future, this guide is for you. Based on the popular Beautiful Babies e-course, this book will both challenge and reward you by revealing things about our food system that you may never have given a second thought to before. Radiant Life is proud to offer the ingredients to the Nourishing Traditions Homemade Baby Formula Kit and as well as safe baby & child care items, as mentioned in this book.

What are your favorite ways to use whole foods?

I love hearing from you and sharing great ideas. Send along your most treasured recipes and tips to!

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