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Wise Traditions London 2011

Posted by Kathy LeMoine

We really are fortunate to have access to several of the best and brightest minds in nutritional thinking!

These amazing people got together last March in London to help spread the truth about healthy, real food nutrition based on the traditional diet research of Dr. Weston A. Price back in the 1930s. His powerful testament to the adverse effects of modern processed diets upon health are echoed in the presentations below.

Not that long ago, obesity, diabetes and heart disease were all unheard of. It's hard to believe these chronic conditions have only happened just in the past century of human existence! And the answer is so simple: The adoption of whole food nutrition, without processed foods is the recipe for reversing the negative impact our modern-day diet and lifestyle.

Learn how what you eat and how you eat have a major impact on your general health and well-being!

Accredited by the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, this DVD provides 11 hours of Continuing Professional Development. With 14 hours of video, you will feel as though you actually attended the conference!

A Great Way to Nourish Your Mind!

Presentations from experts in the importance of nourishing traditional diets:

      Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride

  • Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)
  • The Truth About Heart Disease

    Zoe Harcombe, MA
  • The Obesity Epidemic: What Caused It? How Can We Stop It?

    Dr. Malcolm Kendrick
  • It Isn't Only What You Eat, It's Also the Way You Eat It

    Barry Groves, PhD
  • Eat Fat, Lose Weight and Treat Diabetes

    Kaayla Daniel, PhD, CCN
  • Secrets to a Healthy and Happy Life
  • Empowering Fertility: Aphrodisiacs from Nature and Sacred Foods for Fertility and Healthy Babies

    Jerry Brunetti
  • Holistic Treatment of Cancer
  • Benediction and Forgiveness of Grass

    Graham Harvey
  • Pasture Fed Animals and Mixed Farms: The Alternative to Factory Farming

    The Moo Man
  • Movie preview of The Moo Man with clips from and discussion about the soon to be released movie.
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