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3 New Videos from the Weston A. Price Foundation!

Posted by Kathy LeMoine

Radiant Life is pleased to share with you several free videos created by the Weston A. Price Foundation to help illustrate some of their principles:

  1. Making Homemade Baby Formula utilizing Nourishing Traditions Recipes
  2. Incorporating Healthy Fats and Sacred Foods into Your Diet
  3. Setting up your Kitchen for Traditional Cooking

Sarah Pope, a Florida Chapter Leader, and author of TheHealthyHomeEconomist blog, walks viewers through accomplishing these tasks, with the goal of reassuring folks by providing step-by-step instruction, information as well as inspiration!

1. Making Homemade Baby Formula with Nourishing Traditions Recipes

Both the milk-based formula and the meat-based formula are made right before your eyes in this 20-minute video.

Also addressed:

  • Where to buy raw milk as well as all of the ingredients to ensure the best possible quality nutrients for your baby
  • Why each of the ingredients is important to your infant's development
  • Which ingredients can and cannot be substituted/omitted
  • How often each formula should be made
homemade baby formula nourishing traditions nourishing traditions glass baby bottles


2. Healthy Fats and Sacred Foods

This 15-minute video addresses the myths and truths about cholesterol and fat-soluble activators. Incorporating traditional fats and sacred foods may be the best lifestyle change you can make to achieve optimal health for you and your family.

Nourishing Traditional Foods vital to being well nourished:

3. Setting up your Kitchen for Traditional Cooking

Preparing nutritious meals form scratch need not be expensive!

This 9-minute video gives advice on:

Many thanks to Sarah Pope and The Weston A. Price Foundation for these helpful and inspiring videos!

Click here to view all three Videos!

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