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Keys to Radiant Wellness: Traditional Nutrient Dense Foods

Posted by Kathy LeMoine

Never before has there been more dietary philosophies and divergent health perspectives clamoring for our attention. From vegetarianism to veganism; from high-carb and low-fat philosophies to the Atkins diet; from the Zone diet to the South Beach diet, everyone seems to have found “the truth” about nutrition. There is, however, one approach that offers a real light in the darkness. “Native nutrition” (our indigenous food wisdom), reintroduced to the West by the breakthrough research of Dr. Weston Price, is an antidote for the confusion! The key is questioning most of the modern “experts” and learning from the example of our healthy ancestors.

Though we once held a reverence for our forebears’ wisdom, we have collectively been seduced into the promises of technology and modern fads that come and go. It is a poor bargain: as Dr. Weston Price and a century of anthropology and archaeology show, “non-civilized” hunter-gatherers lived robust, disease-free lives and were generally taller and stronger than we are today, often with extraordinary physical and supra-physical senses and abilities. Basing our diets on the ancient dietary wisdom of traditional peoples is far wiser than following the latest dietary trends and corporate-sponsored studies. What is at stake is far beyond whether we can reach our ideal weight! Indeed, what we face is whether we will continue to reproduce as a species, or have any chance of realizing our magnificent genetic potential for wellbeing. For an introduction to the wise traditions of our healthy ancestors and Dr. Price’s brilliant discoveries, see Traditional Wisdom.

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