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Earthing - Top 10 Questions

Posted by Norm LeMoine

Since introducing our complete line of earthing products late last year, including earthing sheets, earthing mats, earthing recovery bags, pads, bands and patches, we have seen an overwhelming positive response! During this time, we have answered many questions that have been compiled in the FAQ tab of each earthing product.

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Tags: Connect With Nature, Rest & Recover

Earthing: Walk Barefoot to Maintain Your Health & Prevent Disease!

Posted by Kathy LeMoine

When was the Last Time You Walked Barefoot?

We just had an extended weekend proudly celebrating the birth of our country 235 years ago. During these warm summer days, we have more opportunities than ever to walk barefoot in the grass or in the sand, but do we? We constantly see people walking the beach in their Nikes or other fitness shoes. In the name of health, we are all trying to do the "right" thing. We've been conditioned to think that we need shoes to support our arches, etc. to the point that when we try to go barefoot, it doesn't feel comfortable. Even back in the 1950s a study was done that found children who were allowed to go barefoot had:

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Tags: Connect With Nature, Rest & Recover

Importance of Earthing: Are You Electron Deficient?

Posted by Norm LeMoine

Due to of our 21st century lifestyle, most of us spend a majority of our time inside our homes and places of work. For the most part, we work, eat, sleep and generally live our lives indoors. Rarely do we come into direct contact with the earth and as a result we become shielded from the earth and the many therapeutic effects of grounding or what is now commonly known as earthing.

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Tags: Supplements & Remedies, Connect With Nature, Rest & Recover

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