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Bare Bones: Calcium and Natural Sources of Vitamin A, D & K2

Posted by Kayla Grossmann

When it comes to calcium more does not mean better. This may come as a shock to the millions of Americans who dubiously gobble down calcium supplements and tactfully wipe off multiple milk-mustaches daily. We are a culture that simply loves calcium- it is our glamorous “superstar” mineral with a name that rolls of the tongue. It has slipped its way into nearly everything from orange juice to glittering sugar-coated chocolate chews. Yet, contrary to the treasured conventional wisdom that calcium can single-handedly build strong bones, recent studies have shown that increasing calcium intake through supplementation has no significant effect on reducing the rate of fractures nor preventing the bone thinning disease osteoporosis. In fact, recent research released in a number of prestigious medical journals is revealing that improper supplementation with calcium is actually correlated with an increased risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease.


Is calcium really the hailed bone-savior we have been looking for? You may be surprised at the other traditional foods and superfoods supplements that are crucial to bone health...

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