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Homemade Butter vs. Store Bought: Return of Nourishing Traditions

nourishing traditions

There is something about the rich, melty, drippy, golden goodness of butter that seems so divine, it should be forbidden- or so goes the modern dietary creed. With a nutritional approach that teaches deprivation as the key to health and beauty, butter has become a deeply feared food and a symbol of frowned-upon indulgence in the Standard American Diet. Yet, what if this incredibly smooth and rich fat was precisely what our craving bodies need for health, for happiness, for life? Combining the most innovative modern medical research and the intuitive wisdom of tradition cultures, it turns out to be true: butter is beautiful! Learn how to make your own raw butter at home and dare to relish in the delightfully satisfying nourishment this simple food has to offer.

Stay Connected: Wise Traditions 2012 Behavior & Nutrition

wise traditions conference photo

It's that time of year again! Our bags are packed (brimming full and barely zippable might I add) and we are ready to head out to the 13th Annual Wise Traditions Conference! This year from November 9th-11th we will be in beautiful Santa Clara, California to celebrate the incredible healing power of diet and nutrition. As a platinum sponsor, we couldn't be more excited to take part in the splendor that the Wise Traditions conferences bring. If you are fortunate enough to make it to Wise Traditions 2012, be sure to stop by the Radiant Life table to introduce yourselves and enjoy our conference specials. For those of you at home, be sure to stay connected to the Radiant Life blog, pinterest, facebook and twitter for regular updates!

DIY Toothsoap Recipe Using Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

toothsoap with centrifuged coconut oil

94% of Americans claim that they dutifully lather up their pearly whites nightly. We are a nation captivated by mega-watt smiles, collectively spending over $2 billion a year on dental products including toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Yet, despite these efforts towards dental hygiene, reports indicate that 75% of the population suffers from some form of periodontal gum disease. Tooth decay remains the most common chronic disease among children, affecting 59% of those aged 5-17 years. Something just doesn't add up...

Bare Bones: Calcium and Natural Sources of Vitamin A, D & K2


When it comes to calcium more does not mean better. This may come as a shock to the millions of Americans who dubiously gobble down calcium supplements and tactfully wipe off multiple milk-mustaches daily. We are a culture that simply loves calcium- it is our glamorous “superstar” mineral with a name that rolls of the tongue. It has slipped its way into nearly everything from orange juice to glittering sugar-coated chocolate chews. Yet, contrary to the treasured conventional wisdom that calcium can single-handedly build strong bones, recent studies have shown that increasing calcium intake through supplementation has no significant effect on reducing the rate of fractures nor preventing the bone thinning disease osteoporosis. In fact, recent research released in a number of prestigious medical journals is revealing that improper supplementation with calcium is actually correlated with an increased risk for atherosclerosis and heart disease.

The Mystery of X-Factor Butter Oil and Vitamin K2: Solved

Vitamin K2

“People of the past obtained a substance that modern generations do not have” -Weston A. Price

Traveling the world in search of the secrets of optimal health and immunity, Dr. Weston A Price noted a radiant wellness and unmistakable brilliance in the indigenous peoples of cultures unexposed to a modern diet. After a decade of carrying out the most compelling cross-cultural research around the globe, Price conducted groundbreaking research in his laboratory where he was able to pinpoint particular nutrients responsible for this remarkable robust health. It was through this detailed analysis that he isolated a critical unnamed fat-soluble vitamin he called the X-Factor or Activator X. For years people have searched for this mysterious super nutrient, desirous of its health-giving potential. Well, it turns out the X-factor now has a name: it’s vitamin K2.

Radiant Life Baby Photo Contest! Healing Quest Features Baby Formula


Here at Radiant Life, we are passionate about our mission to to offer transformative products, information, and resources that promote optimal health and sustainable living. By combining the best traditions and insights from our human past with the latest findings of independent scientific research, Radiant Life serves those who wish to discern the truth underlying conflicting health opinions and fads. We also thrive off of the brilliant and inspiring community of individuals we are so grateful to interact with on a daily basis. 

Keys to Radiant Wellness: Traditional Nutrient Dense Foods

Never before has there been more dietary philosophies and divergent health perspectives clamoring for our attention. From vegetarianism to veganism; from high-carb and low-fat philosophies to the Atkins diet; from the Zone diet to the South Beach diet, everyone seems to have found “the truth” about nutrition. There is, however, one approach that offers a real light in the darkness. “Native nutrition” (our indigenous food wisdom), reintroduced to the West by the breakthrough research of Dr. Weston Price, is an antidote for the confusion! The key is questioning most of the modern “experts” and learning from the example of our healthy ancestors.

Perfect Health Diet!

Perfect Health Diet

Every now and then, a nutrition book is written that is so well researched, grounded in science and makes so much common sense that we are simply compelled to write about it and share it with as many like-minded people. Perfect Health Diet by Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. and Shiu-Ching Jaminet, Ph.D. is such a book.

Weston A. Price Foundation on PBS!

Radient Life

As a valued member of our community, we're pleased to let you know about a series of videos partially sponsored by Radiant Life that will be aired this spring on PBS.

The Weston A. Price Foundation has established an alliance with Healing Quest, a weekly television series on natural approaches to wellness. This series appears on PBS stations across the country (www.HealingQuest.tv).

Healing Quest is a magazine-style show containing several segments per episode. The upcoming series of seven Healing Quest episodes, to be released next month, will feature one or more stories on the Weston A. Price Foundation. Look for information on:

Wise Traditions London 2011

Wise Traditions London250 resized 600

We really are fortunate to have access to several of the best and brightest minds in nutritional thinking!

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