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Migraines and Magnesium: A Love Story

magnesium for migraines

Migraines. There is really no way to describe them, no creative string of words nor playful metaphor that adequately portrays what it is like to have a migraine headache- except for maybe the adjective m-i-s-e-r-a-b-l-eIf you have ever struggled with a migraine before, or even watched a family member suffer through one, you likely understand how beastly and destructive they can be. As a migraine sufferer who has missed days of work and family gatherings with my face buried in a pillow in a dark room, this scenario is all too familiar. Yet recent studies have shown promise that a very simple treatment may provide a route of much needed relief for migraine sufferers: magnesium. 

Understanding Stress Levels and Magnesium Burn Rate

ancient minerals magnesium

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the intricate connection between chronic stress and the damaging hormone imbalances that work to keep us trapped in an exhausting state of unresolved tension. In that article I highlighted the wasting effect that the frequent release of stress hormones like adrenaline and cortisol has on our stores of the precious mineral magnesium. Since then I have received several questions from readers about exactly how much magnesium oil to use in compensation for these losses. And while a concrete response would be glowingly convenient, this is actually a quite difficult question to answer; a question that is nuanced by the inherent variability of our individual composition, lifestyle choices and day to day activity. So, to give you the best information possible I have brought on magnesium expert Carolyn Dean MD, ND to discuss her recommendations in using magnesium for health maintenance and building resilience to stress.

Healthy Living Tips: Fluoride Kills Magnesium by Carolyn Dean, MD, ND

the magnesium miracle

The health community has recently been abuzz with excited chatter about magnesium, but few people are as well versed in the subject as Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND- author of the brilliant book, The Magnesium Miracle. As a luminary in her field, Dr. Dean innovatively combines her medical knowledge with holistic approaches to bring safe solutions to clients and readers all over the world. We are both honored and excited to share a selection of her valuable insights here on our blog. If you are new to magnesium, we highly recommending nestling your nose into her book to discover why you might be magnesium deficient. This first article in a series of guest posts by Dr. Dean details the shocking interplay of fluoride and magnesium, and how this toxic "cavity-fighting" additive is causing far more harm than good.

DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Body Butter with Magnesium Oil

ancient minerals magnesium

You can go ahead and call it the "miracle mineral" if you want to, but all silly names and taglines aside, magnesium is a truly incredible nutrient. What more can you say about a mineral that is essential for the function of every single cell in your body? Learn how to make your own magnesium-infused body butter combining the healing benefits of lush cold-pressed coconut oil and organic cocoa butter, and scented with a splash of your favorite essential oils. Experience the benefits of transdermal magnesium therapy, while simultaneously replenishing the skin and delighting your senses: does it really get any better than that?

Digestive Health: 7 Ways to Balanced Enzymes

nutrient dense foods

A fancy sounding word that is all-too-fun to say, the term “enzyme” is often tossed about in discussions about nutrition, but rarely is it given a second thought. Maybe you remember a bit about these nifty little structures from fuzzy memories of 5th grade science class, or have heard that they are somehow related to raw foods and digestion. But what are enzymes exactly and how do they work?

The Sulfur & Transdermal Magnesium Link

ancient minerals topical magnesium

Although not often mentioned in your typical nutritional banter, sulfur is actually the third most plentiful mineral in the body (behind abundant bone-building calcium and phosphorous). While about one half of this sulfur is present structurally within muscles, skin and bones, this unique mineral also plays a dynamic role in a diversity of intricate biological functions. So reposition yourself in your chair and give your shoulders a good roll, as we sift through a bit of nitty-gritty scientific garble on sulfur, and sort out just why this mineral is so important for you.

Video: How To Use Magnesium Oil

ancient minerals magnesium lotion

Are you one of the estimated 200 million Americans that struggles with magnesium deficiency? Magnesium, the "spark of life" or "miracle mineral," is required by every cell in the human body to function properly. Yet, once found in abundance as the eighth most plentiful mineral in the earth's crust and the third most frequently found in sea water, magnesium has slowly become depleted from our environment and leached from our soils due to the toxic conditions of our harsh modern industrial and agricultural practices. Sadly, researchers have found that even those with a well-balanced whole foods diets and an optimally functioning digestive system struggle to obtain adequate amounts of high quality, bioavailable magnesium in their diet. So, in the face of such adverse conditions, what are we to do? According to leading expert in the field, Carolyn Dean, MD, ND, author of The Magnesium Miracle, the process or restoring magnesium is actually remarkably simple with two easy steps.

Ancient Minerals Magnesium: All-Natural Muscle Cramp Relief

Back pain

Muscle aches, cramps and spasms are just plain old annoying. A simple twinge in the back or a tight calf muscle can render you frustratingly out of commission, and it often seems that no concoction of lotions nor complex stretch regimens can bring lasting relief. Studies have shown that there is absolutely no proof that popular over-the-counter medicated muscle rubs are at all effective in the treatment of irritated muscles. As short term fixes to underlying inflammatory issues, most medicated "soothing lotions" and elaborate "pain-relieving" balms are far more harmful than they are any good. Many commercial muscle rubs contain potent analgesic drugs, which are quickly (and dangerously) absorbed into the blood stream when applied to the skin. Turns out there is an inexpensive natural remedy that big industry doesn't talk about, a remedy that gets to the core of the issue and not just the bothersome symptoms. This remedy is transdermal magnesium.

Naked Foods: How many pesticides are in your produce?

naked foods

Who can resist the innocent delight of garden fresh fruits and vegetables? Served raw with satisfactory crunch or sauteed piping-hot with butter, produce is a treasured cornerstone of a nutrient-dense diet. However, the problem today is that most crops are not as "fresh" or "healthy" as we may think. While major growers claim that produce is 98% pesticide residue-free, analytical contamination studies suggest dramatically otherwise. In the midst of an era of convoluted marketing and misinformation, making healthy diet choices can be a head-spinningly complex task...even when it comes to something so simple and honest as veggies. For this week's recipe blog, we put together a formula of things to look out for when gathering produce for your cooking, keeping both health and budget in mind. Next time you find yourself lingering in the produce aisle, gripping the cart and calculating differences in expensive organics or their cheaper conventionally grown alternatives, you'll have some important guidelines that may make choices a bit easier.

Ancient Minerals: 5 Reasons Why You Might be Magnesium Deficient

ancient minerals

Magnesium has gotten a lot of buzz lately. Recent studies have found that nearly 68% of Americans are low in the RDA recommended intake of magnesium (a pitifully low dietary suggestion to begin with) and that a projected 200 million Americans suffer the consequences of magnesium deficiencies. But why? Activating over 300 enzymatic reactions and assisting with thousands of biochemical functions within the body, magnesium’s vital role as a healing agent has far-reaching medicinal history and is the subject of documented western research dating as far back as the 1600’s. Yet, due to several haphazard trends of our modern health and dietary practices, this essential mineral has detrimentally slid off the radar until now- even for some of the most avid “healthnuts.” Here are 5 reasons why you may be magnesium deficient without even knowing it.

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