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Chocolate-Covered Sprouted Nut Butter & Banana Bites

Chocolate-Covered Sprouted Nut Butter & Banana Bites | Radiant Life Blog

On summer days when the mere thought of baking makes you wipe your forehead and sweat through your t-shirt, a jar of nut butter and banana can make the perfect no-mess treat. Add the chill-factor of the freezer and a drizzle of chocolate into this recipe, and you have a sophisticated and delicious hot-weather sweet to enjoy. 

Simple Sweet Potato Fries in Red Palm Oil

Sweet Potato Fries in Red Palm Oil | Radiant Life Blog

Lately I’ve had an abundance of red palm oil in my kitchen. What does one do with jars of red palm oil you might ask? To this I would enthusiastically reply (with my arms flailing about in the air): what can't you do?! From chocolate cakes to stir-fries, this antioxidant rich saturated fat source is one of my favorite healthy fats to experiment with. And with a history that dates back as far as 5,000 years, there is no shortage of recipes to choose from. This week I have been enjoying these simple and delicious red palm oil sweet potato fries...by the plateful.

Sizing a Whole House Water System

Sizing a Whole House Water System | Radiant Life Blog

Water usage in your family’s home can be quite variable and is affected by many factors including the number of adults and children living in your home, the age of your children, your home’s size as well as the number of bathrooms.  It is often difficult to measure water usage since the amount of water used for cooking, bathing, showering and cleaning varies in every home and depends on the water fixtures and appliances installed in your home.  For example, we all know that teenagers tend to take longer showers and newborn babies create a lot of laundry!  However, information from a number of reliable sources estimates that a family of four typically uses from about 150 gallons per day all the way up to 400 gallons per day!  Several studies have shown that the average indoor water use in the U.S. is about 50 gallons per person per day.

DIY Coconut Oil Vanilla Lip Balm

DIY Coconut Oil Vanilla Lip Balm | Radiant Life Blog

I want to let you in on a little secret: lip balms made at home are way better than store bought varieties. And believe it or not, whether you are awe inspiring-ly creative or DIY-leery, you (yes, you) can blend up your very own inexpensive, custom lip treatments in the kitchen in no time at all. This particular recipe combines just 4 whole food ingredients for an enviably smooth and sweet Coconut Oil Vanilla Lip Balm. Do-it-yourself, nutrient dense, lip balm perfection that can be whipped together in 10 minutes? Sounds secret-worthy to me!

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Water Filtration vs. Purification – Get the Facts!

Water Filtration vs Purification: Get the Facts! | Radiant Life Blog

To create truly pure water in the home setting, water that is physically, chemically and energetically pure, requires just the right set of conditions be brought together in just the right way. At a minimum, these include practical use of filtration and purification technologies along with a scientific understanding of water and how nature intended it to be.


Grain-Free Dog Treats: Coconut Flour Soft Chews

Grain-Free Dog Treats: Coconut Flour Soft Chews | Radiant Life Blog

So, my dog is a little spoiled...or maybe a lot spoiled. Actually let's rephrase: my dog just so happens to be very well-loved. I like that better. After all, she is a darling little furry friend with a spunky personality and a toothy, underbite grin that keeps everyone around her smiling along. Although more hairy than the rest of us, she's an important member of our family and she certainly eats like one. These real-food based soft chew treats are one of her favorites. Simple to make, these sweet potato treats offer the perfect canine balance of nutrition and good taste, while remaining free from the nasty preservatives and processing techniques used in most store-bought treats.

8 Reasons to Consider a Whole House Water Filter

water glass

Our water quality is being severely impacted with each passing day whether we know it or not. Contaminants from a myriad of sources continue to enter into our water supplies at an alarming rate either by accident, incident, runoff or intentional chemical treatment.  Good water is essential for your body’s health.  Remove what’s lurking in your water!  Whole house water treatment systems are an excellent choice for homeowners who want to make their water more suitable for drinking, bathing, laundry and other household uses while attacking the problem at the point of entry to their home. 


Simple Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse: dairy-free, paleo-friendly

Simple Coconut Milk Chocolate Mousse: dairy-free, paleo-friendly| Radiant Life Blog

What happens when you combine coconut cream, cocoa powder and raw honey? Pure, heavenly, silky, real food dessert deliciousness- that's what. This quick coconut chocolate mousse is the one sweet treat that almost everyone at my table agrees upon. From traditional, paleo or vegan diet followers, to grain-free and dairy-free folks, but most importantly for those simply looking to enjoy a tasty bite of food- this effortless dessert is bound to impress. But then again, I'm not saying that you absolutely must share. It's so good you may just find yourself gobbling it up and licking your fingers before you even get a chance! 

5 Reasons to Start Oil Pulling


You have a dirty mouth. No, I am not referring to your vocabulary choices silly, but rather the many microorganisms that can be found hiding between your pearly whites, and hanging out on the slick surfaces of your tongue and gums. Whether you like it or not, there are billions of happy bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites that naturally take up residence in the warm and saliva-y habitat of your mouth. In order to prevent disease and keep your smile shining however, it is important to keep these busy little buggers in check. The age-old method of oil pulling may be the crucial missing step in your oral health care regimen. 

DIY Sea Salt & Lavender Texturizing Spray

DIY Sea Salt & Lavender Texturizing Hair Spray | Radiant Life Blog

There is so much to love about the beach. The rolling lullaby of the waves, the warm glow of the sun falling onto your shoulders and lacy traces of salt and sand left on your skin-- it's a bit of all-natural, outdoor therapy for the body and mind. Go ahead: close your eyes and dream about it for a moment. Mmm. The sea breeze, a collection of purple shells in your palm...I could go on and on. But not to worry, summer is almost here! And in the meantime, you can bring a hint of delightful ocean-ness into your life with this nourishing and texturizing DIY sea salt hair spray. 

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