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Sweet Honey Coconut Cashew Butter

Sweet Honey Coconut Cashew Butter with sprouted nuts | Radiant Life

An ooey-gooey homemade nut butter blended with virgin coconut oil and raw honey. Doesn't your mouth water at the thought of it? Take a moment just to think of the possibilities: cashew butter slathered on fresh fruit, stuffed into celery, spread over coconut flour bread, dropped into a smoothie. Yum, yum and yum. All this and you get that boast-worthy satisfaction of having made it all by yourself. Try this simple DIY for a nutrient dense cashew butter made from only the best real food ingredients.

How to Make Black Beans the Right Way

Nourishing Traditions Basic Black Beans | Radiant Life Blog

A while back I wrote an article all about beans. Truthfully, it was probably more information on the acclaimed "musical fruit" than you ever really wanted to know: facts about the health benefits, their drawbacks, why these delightful little plant foods often cause gas and tips on how to prepare them healthfully. Yet, I still can't seem to emphasize the importance of pre-soaking beans enough. This simple practice can revolutionize your legume-munching experience, and give you the opportunity to include this treasured nutrient-dense food group in your diet without the stereotypical digestive repercussions. Use this picture-filled guide on soaking black beans to get started.

Three Ingredient Chocolate Sauce: dairy, soy and refined sugar-free

Three Ingredient Chocolate Sauce with coconut oil | Radiant Life Blog

Lately I've been in a mindset of recipe minimalism. If I open up a cookbook that has an ingredient list longer than a couple of items, it is immediately snapped shut and put back on the top shelf- far, far away and out of reach. No pretty foodie pictures or enticing descriptions have been able to persuade me into unloading my entire pantry to make a dish. One might call it a lazy phase, but I think the adjective savvy has a much nicer ring to it. Afterall, there are a lot of distinguished recipes that can be made very simply. Take this decadent three-ingredient chocolate sauce for example. Now if only I could channel this minimalism thing into clearing my desk drawer clutter or sorting through my shoe collection...

How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream: Dairy-free & delicious

How to Make Coconut Whipped Cream | Radiant Life Blog

It looks like whipped cream and tastes just as sweet. It has a heavenly light and fluffy texture. It is free from artificial flavors, colors and fillers. It is rich in satisfying healthy fats. It takes less than five minutes to make, uses one ingredient and is completely dairy-free. No, it's not a dream- this is coconut whipped cream! (Sorry for the tacky rhyme...I couldn't help myself). In all seriousness, this popular primal treat is truly the ideal complement to most any real food dessert. In fact, it is so simple and decadent I often eat the stuff by the spoonful. Correction: I usually just end up eating whipped coconut cream by the bowlful. 

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Grain-free Coconut Flour Flatbreads

Coconut Flour Flatbreads | Radiant Life

Oh for the love of sandwiches! There are few items more coveted at lunchtime than meat- and veggies- smooshed between two chewy slices of bread. Popped out of a lunch bag or ordered from a bustling local food stand, slathered with mustard or globed with mayonnaise, there is something to be said about the portable and customizable satisfaction of a perfectly layered sandwich at midday. So simple. So delicious. So wonderful. Until, that is...you can't have bread. If you are gluten- or grain-free and struggle with the lack of sandwiches in your life, this recipe for coconut flour flatbreads may be the lunchtime-miracle you've been waiting for.

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: How much should I take?

Fermented Cod Liver Oil: How much should I really take? | Radiant Life

You've decided to take fermented cod liver oil. You've learned about the health benefits of this beloved traditional superfood, from its ever-popular omega fat content to the mysterious synergy of the fat soluble vitamins it delivers. You've learned all about the nutrient-enhancing fermentation process that makes this cod liver oil superior to the refined fish oil impostors available in most stores today. You've even prepared yourself to brave the peculiar taste and distinct fishy smell of this quirky ancient elixir. But, as you gear up to swoop a spoonful of the dark liquid to your lips, there is just one problem: you're not sure how much to take. Never fear! We've pulled together expert opinions, ancestral wisdom and the latest research studies into a comprehensive guide to help you figure out the fermented cod liver oil dosage that is right for you.

Our Story: Learning to Live A Radiant Life

Meet the Owners | Radiant Life

What does it mean to live a Radiant Life? I sat down with company owners Norman and Kathy, and asked them to talk about their experiences with whole foods, a primal lifestyle and the creation of what has become one of the most trusted resources for ancestral living in the marketplace today. What I discovered was more than a conventional company mission or philosophy- but rather a deeply personal story about health, family and returning to the simple things in life that truly matter most. Today, I have asked them to share that story with you.

10 Reasons to Use Bitters (hint: it all starts with digestive health)

IMG 4923

Sweet, sour, salty, umami and bitter. These are the 5 major flavors that the 5,000 taste buds speckling your tongue and throat have been primed to identify. Each with unique gastronomic qualities and health indications, traditional cultures believed in the fundamental importance of consuming a rich balance of all these flavors. However today, with the overwhelming load of sugar-encrusted, salt-sprinkled and MSG-doused foods filling our plates, bitterness has essentially vanished from the modern palate. This unfortunate disappearance has done more than simply change the tang and smack-factor of our foods. In fact, the general lack of bitter flavor in the diet may very well be contributing widespread problems with digestion and appetite control.

No-Bake Coconut Oil Chocolate Drops

organic coconut oil chocolate drops

What better way to say "I love you" than chocolate...or homemade cocoa drops using virgin coconut oil, raw natural sweeteners and sprouted nuts. Yup- the latter sounds more like the type of nutrient dense, primally-inspired treat my sweethearts will be enjoying this year. Savor the delightful taste and many benefits of chocolate while leaving out the junky fillers, emulsifiers and sweeteners that make conventional chocolate bars not-so-lovely for your health.

5 Things You Should Know About EMFs

5 Things You Should Know About EMFs | Radiant Life Blog

We love technology. From making calls on our beeping, buzzing cell phones to clicking around in the dream-world of Facebook, many of us are addicted to the glitz and glow of screens. The digital world is captivating and steadily growing. Advances in technology over the past 15 years have completely transformed social patterns, altered the ways we teach and learn, expanded communication channels and created major shifts in business practices (and yes, the irony of typing this paragraph into an internet article is not lost on me). But the very mobile tools that we have come to treasure and depend on may actually be silently devastating our health. Studies indicate the the ambient electromagnetic fields generated by appliances, broadcasting networks and cellular devices could actually be quite problematic for the body and mind.

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